The up-coming album "Incontri” by Federica Lorusso (out in 2025) could be considered a sort of evolution of her first album “Outside Introspections”. Once again, we find introspection and personal reflections , however, the themes become more conscious. The gaze is now turned towards social issues , becoming more mature and defined. After a 4-month journey to New York (where Federica composed a big part of the album), a dynamic city full of opportunities but also many contradictions, this album aims to be an invitation to listen to oneself and the surrounding world, to reconnect with nature, with one's inner child, and with the people around, in a world where noise, speed, individualism, and prevailing over others for one's own success seem to be the cornerstones on which today's society rests. While the album draws influence from the jazz tradition, it is not confined to a single genre. Instead, it explores a diverse range of musical styles, incorporating elements of jazz fusion, contemporary music, and experimental sounds. Improvisation remains a cornerstone of the music, allowing for spontaneity and creative exploration in each composition.