“Music is a social experience.”

This is probably the clear message of the first record, “Social Music”, by the young guitar player, composer and bandleader, out in July 2019 by A.MA. Records, featuring Gadi Lehavi on piano, Felix Rossy on trumpet, Giulio Scianatico on double bass and Andrea Niccolai on drums. With a clear reference to Miles Davis’ philosophy, “social” is not just about social media. Society is made upon different ways of thinking, talking, living, playing that come together, and so is music, being the product and at the same time the cause of friendship, human interaction and social affairs. The current band is a very young quartet made in Puglia that brings together some of the most promising talents on the international scene and thanks to their friendship and common experience at the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag, Netherlands, their show has a strong energy and emotional impact, as well as an intense interplay. The group has already won prizes and took part in festivals such as the Young Jazz Festival and Competition in Targu Mures and JamTheFuture organized by JazzMi in Milan, and is been featured on two promotional tours financed by Puglia Sounds, in Italy and Europe, and in the Milan Jazz Festival JazzMi in November 2019.